Dance with us

Dancer is a modern Perl project - it's already in use in many production deployments (see the Dancefloor page for some examples) but is still being actively developed and improved.

There are many ways you could contribute to help make Dancer even better:

Promotion - help spread the word!

There are many, many frameworks out there, marketing can make a difference. If you like Dancer, tell the world about it:

Promotion and marketing is a very valuable contribution to the project.

Use it

Of course, using Dancer is the best way to help the project, you will see it running by yourself, and maybe, you will find something to enhance or will commit some ideas to the crew.

If you're using Dancer, please feel free to let us know so we can list you on the Dancefloor page!

Join us on IRC

We have a thriving community in #dancer on Come join us now and get help, offer feedback, help new users...

Join the mailing list

Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list if you want to contact users and developers of the project, either to get or offer help. You can also check out the list archives.

Report bugs

So you're using it and you've found a bug, that's great! Yes, Great. Because a bug found is a bug in the way of being fixed. Please do report it - reports via the GitHub issues system are preferred as our development is coordinated on GitHub, but bug reports to the queue or on the mailing list are fine too.